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R. Brian Campbell

R. Brian Campbell is an Author, Freelance Writer, Storyteller and Nature Photographer.

Brian’s first book, Out of My Mind, published in 2020, is a collection of 72 short stories, literally from out of Brian’s mind, on a wide range of topics, in a variety of genres. The stories are broken up into eight sections, Short Shorts, All in the Family, Campbell Alternative News, My Political Viewpoint, The World as I See It, Spooky Tales, Seasonally Speaking and Living the Adventure. The book can be best described as a journey through Brian’s mind. What you will find inside is a selection of Brian’s concepts, ideas, fantasies, opinions and random thoughts.

Brian’s second book, Out of This World, is mainly a collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, intended to take you out of this world. This book is broken into three sections, Off The Beaten Path, Through Time and Space, and Welcome To My World. Here there be dragons, ogres, elves, ghosts, aliens and much, much more.

People wishing to buy signed copies can contact me at (204)880-5505, or 

More About Brian

Brian is also a Nature Photographer who has developed a personal connection with many of the animals he has photographed. His pictures show Manitoba’s wildlife up close and personal. He has pictures for sale, for those who are interested in unique and original nature photographs.

The intent of both Brian’s writing and his photography is your enjoyment, so if you are ready to step out of your world and into Brian’s, welcome. Brian has worked in communications for more than twelve years. He Graduated Red River College Creative Communications Program with a Public Relations major in 2006.

He worked for several not-for-profit charities as their Event Coordinator, often working for more than one charity at a time, then worked for nearly five years for the ALS Society of Manitoba, first as their Events/Volunteer Coordinator, then as their Events/Communications Coordinator, before starting his own Content Creation business, High Hopes Communications.

Brian was the Content Coordinator and writer for Neighbours of Tuxedo magazine for over two years and Neighbours of Linden Woods magazine for nearly a year. He has written a number of business profiles for Transcona Views. Brian has also done web and blog writing for several organizations within Winnipeg.

Brian was the Marketing Vice President for Westview Dance Club from 2015 to 2017 and the Newsletter Editor for the 2019 – 2020 season. He is still a member of the Westview Dance Club Newsletter team and writes articles for their newsletter and website.

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I pulled the dagger out and unfolded the parchment. If you ever want to see the boy alive again, bring 6000 gold pieces to Fool’s Passage below Archer’s Bluff when the moon shines directly overhead tonight.  The dagger blade was sunk deep in my door before I realized I was swinging it.  It snapped as I tried to pull it back out, leaving a portion of the tip still buried in the wood.  I had…

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Attention Book and Nature Lovers, R. Brian Campbell and N A Walker will be collaborating in several summer events under the name The Imagination Collaboration.…

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I will be selling my Books and Nature Photos at the Dashin Expo, at the St. Norbert Arena, 3450 Pembina, on Sunday, May 26th and…

My Books and Nature Pictures Now sold at The Cozy Fox

Important Announcement: My books and nature pictures are now being sold at The Cozy Fox, in Selkirk, Manitoba. Drop in and check the place out,…

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