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Out of My Mind

Out of My Mind is a collection of 72 short stories by R. Brian Campbell, an Author, Freelance Writer, Storyteller and Nature Photographer, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. This contains a miscellany of stories, literally from out of the author’s mind, on a wide range of topics, in a variety of genres.  The stories are broken up into eight sections.

Short Shorts contains a number of very short stories that only have one thing in common. They are all 600 words or less. This is truly the best way to get a handle on the author’s writing style and find out if you will like what comes next.

All in the Family is a selection of fictional stories about families dealing with family dynamics ranging from a marriage proposal, dealing with parents and in-laws, children, marital breakdown, to going into business together. Some stories are tongue-in-cheek, while others are deadly serious. Some are both. All will stir your emotions.

Campbell Alternative News was inspired by Donald Trump’s coin of phrase, “Fake News” and is a series of political satire stories, mostly about President Trump, but also including some Canadian politics. Some of these stories are loosely based on actual events, some are made up entirely. If you are not able to find the humour in U.S.A. or Canadian politics, this section may not be for you.

My Political Viewpoint is the author’s blunt-as-a-spoon look at politics in Canada, the U.S.A. and around the world between the years of 2017 and 2019. This section offers the author’s opinion of events that have occurred in our world over these years and his blunt, often sarcastic view of what he thinks we should be doing about it. This section includes the author’s breakdown and comparison of U.S. President, Donald Trump with Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.

The World As I See It takes the author’s blunt viewpoint out of the political arena and into the world in general. In this section, the author gives his opinion on the subjects of technology, multitasking, Winnipeg drivers, scammers, bullying, the Me Too movement, the environment, and much more.

Spooky Tales takes us into the darker side of the author’s imagination.  Lovers of Stephen King and the Twilight Zone are sure to enjoy this section. But beware, things are not always what they seem.

Seasonally Speaking takes us through several years of living in Winnipeg from the point of view of a winter hating Winnipegger. This section is divided according to seasons, not years, so it tends to jump around a bit. This section may remind Winnipeggers why they love their city and give non-Winnipeggers some insight into the Winnipeg state of mind.

Living the Adventure is the final and, potentially, most exciting section of the book. This section deals with heroic stories that include a fight over a river, a street gang, a ninja, dirty business dealings, escaped criminals and, finally, the end of life as we know it.

Happy Reading.

Out of this World

Brian’s second book, Out of This World, is mainly a collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy stories, intended to take you out of this world.   This book is broken into three sections, Off The Beaten Path, Through Time and Space, and Welcome To My World.  Here there be dragons, ogres, elves, ghosts, aliens and much, much more.

This book is broken into three sections.  The first section, Off The Beaten Path, and consists of thirteen random, often humorous stories, of a style that will be familiar to anyone who read Out of My Mind.  The author even includes a brief return to Campbell Alternative News, when intrepid reporter, Brian Campbell, attempts to interview a Modern Day Prophet.  From the author’s first story, I Talk To Animals, in which the author describes his relationship with the animals he has met in his travels, to Vampires in Whitby, to Adventurer for Hire, the author attempts to gently lead you out of your comfort zone and into the realms of his imagination.

The second section, Through Time and Space, plunges the reader directly into the author’s Science Fiction worlds, offering several potential futures for our world, and venturing off onto other Planets.  The last story in this section The Price of Peace, is, a 31,000 word novella, which is sure to be a favourite among Sci Fi fans.

The third and final section Welcome To My World, leads the reader into a fantasy world entirely of the author’s creation.  This section consists of ten separate, yet interconnected, fantasy stories, set in the same world, but involving different protagonists.  As the stories are interconnected, you will find that there are some reoccurring characters, occasionally leading us from one story to the next. This series of stories represents a foreshadowing of things to come.

Welcome to My World.

Or contact Brian at or phone: (204) 880-5505

Testimonials & Blog



What a Bloody Mess

“I am Duke Osgood, of the Everbright Duchy, in the Butternut Kingdom.  My Daughter, the Lady Caroline, has been abducted.  I heard of your exploits from King Thaddeus.  Apparently, you rescued his daughter-” “Princess Rose. Yes, I remember her.” “Princess Rosalinda,” the Duke corrected, as if I cared. “Indeed,” I responded. “Yes, that was my first run-in with the dragon Gem and Ni. I remember it well.  Your daughter wasn’t kidnapped by a dragon, was she?” “No. Not a dragon. Caroline was abducted by vampires.” “Vampires?” I paused a moment, trying to find the right words.  But sometimes there was simply no nice way to say something. “Uh, I don’t know how to tell you this. My Lord, but-” The Duke raised his hands, stopping me from continuing. “I know what you are going to say, but that isn’t the case. It’s… I’d probably better explain from the beginning.” “That would be best,” I agreed, nodding.


He dropped to his knees and, using a multi-tool from his pack, began digging at the soft ground, using first the knife, then the axe tool.  Realizing that the soft patch was larger than he had originally thought, he switched to a compact folding shovel to complete the job. In a short time, he cleared away a space roughly the size of a manhole cover, and found himself looking into a vertical tunnel.  Looks like the Horne Lake Caves would have to wait. His curiosity was piqued. 

This Time It’s Personal

I pulled the dagger out and unfolded the parchment. If you ever want to see the boy alive again, bring 6000 gold pieces to Fool’s Passage below Archer’s Bluff when the moon shines directly overhead tonight.  The dagger blade was sunk deep in my door before I realized I was swinging it.  It snapped as I tried to pull it back out, leaving a portion of the tip still buried in the wood.  I had to consciously force myself not to crumple the parchment in my other hand.  I opened the door, stormed inside, slamming the door behind me, and dropped into my chair, my eyes never leaving the words on the parchment.

Trouble Squared

“NO!” “Plleeeeeease!” “I said, no!” Why can’t people just take a hint? “But you must help,” Prince Reggie insisted. “I must? Actually, I’m pretty sure I mustn’t do anything of the kind.” There was no way I was taking on this suicide mission. I rather enjoyed living. “But it took my Princess,” Reggie begged. “You have to help me get her back.”

An Old Buck’s Tale

“Grandpa! Grandpa!”  The two fawns came tearing across the meadow.  Bambi looked up from munching dandelions and smiled.  He always enjoyed it when Didi brought the fawns over. Their energy invigorated him.  “Grandpa, tell us a story,” Daisy begged, as she skidded to a halt in front of him. “Yes.  A story,” her brother, Lucky, agreed, as he crashed into his sister, knocking them both into the remaining dandelions, crushing them. Ah well, he should stop snacking anyway. The other bucks were beginning to ask when his fawns were due.  “Hi Dad,” his daughter, Didi greeted, then asked. “Where’s Mom?” “Hi Didi.  Your mother is in the field at the other end of the glade, foraging some vegetables for dinner.  She could probably use and extra hoof.” “I’m on it, Dad.” Bambi watched his daughter glide towards the human farmer’s field, then turned and smiled at his grandfawns. “A story, is it?  What story would you like to hear?”

Witch Adventure Now

To tell the truth, I didn’t want this job, which was what I was attempting to explain to my potential client.  But, sometimes you have to take the lesser of two nasty problems.  I only hope I made the right choice. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t think I can help you.” “But my children. The witch has them, and I dread to think what she may do, if someone doesn’t rescue them soon.  Even now, we may be too late.”   The man was pleading with me.  He looked desperate, and it was obvious that he dearly loved his children. But he was also poor, which was where the problem lay.  “I understand, sir. I really do. And I sympathize with you.  But my fee-”

Double Trouble

“Run, Princess! Run!”  I hauled on the Princess’s arm as hard as I could, pulling her along behind me as fast as I could manage without dragging her off her feet.  Time was of the essence, but making her fall, then having to stop to help her back to her feet would be counterproductive.  So, I pulled and begged. “Please, Princess, we need to go faster.”

Alfie and the Case of The Missing Map

“Alfie. I could use your help.” Anything to put off trying to figure out why this silly robot won’t walk, Alfie thought. He set the toy down, pasted a grin on his face, and turned around. “Sure, Santa. How can I help you?” Santa didn’t look his usual, jolly self. In fact, he looked worried, and that made Alfie worried. “Alfie, do you know Doodles?” “Doodles the mapmaker? Sure. He’s been here forever.” A booming laugh exploded from Santa’s chest. “OH HO! That’s one way of looking at it. And you aren’t far off.  Doodles was among my first elves, when I first opened my workshop, before I even met Mrs. Claus.”

Planning the Perfect Christmas

“Hello.” John stepped inside, stamping his boots on the rubber mat as he closed the door. “I’m back. Carrie? Are you home, or am I talking to myself?” “In here,” a voice called from the dining room. John pulled off his boots, hung his coat on the hook, and walked toward the voice. Carrie met him at the doorway with a kiss. He returned it, then asked, “So what have you been up to?”

Santa is Missing

“Alfie. Have you seen Santa?” Alfie looked up from the dump-truck he was assembling. Mrs. Claus was standing in the doorway of the workshop. “Sorry, but he hasn’t been in here the morning. In fact, you are the first person I’ve seen since breakfast. Have you checked the other workshops?”


St. James Summer Market

Once again N A Walker and I will be collaborating under the name The Imagination Collaboration. On Saturday, August 17th, we will be at the St. James Summer Market, at the St. James Civic Centre, run by Trinity Events Winnipeg, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. I (Brian) will be…

The Cozy Fox Summer Market

Once again N A Walker and I will be collaborating under the name The Imagination Collaboration. On Saturday, August 3rd, we will be returning to The Cozy Fox Summer Market, on 637B Morris Avenue, Selkirk from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. I (Brian) will be selling my Books and Nature…

LOVE Farmers Market

Attention Craft, Book, Art, Nature and Novelty Lovers,I will be selling my Books and Nature Photos at the LOVE- Locally Operated Vendor Emporium, Love Farmers Market, on Saturday, July 20th, from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.Both of my books, Out of My Mind and Out of This World, as well…

My Books and Nature Pictures Now sold at The Cozy Fox

Important Announcement: My books and nature pictures are now being sold at The Cozy Fox, in Selkirk, Manitoba. Drop in and check the place out, not only for my books and pictures, but for the many wonderful items carried in this Made in Manitoba store.637 B Morris Avenue, Selkirk, MB…

Time to Spring into a New Book

Spring is finally here.Time to spring into a new book.Here are two to choose from. You can find Out of My Mind at: of This World at:…/dp/1777209021/ref=sr_1_2…You can phone R. Brian Campbell at: (204)880-5505, email:, or go to:

Need some reading material for your Spring Getaway?

Need some reading material for your Spring Getaway? I have a couple of suggestions. You can find Out of My Mind at: of This World at:…/dp/1777209021/ref=sr_1_2…You can phone R. Brian Campbell at: (204)880-5505, email:, or go to:

Does the one you love, love reading?

Does the one you love, love reading?I have the solution for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You can find Out of My Mind at: of This World at:…/dp/1777209021/ref=sr_1_2…You can phone R. Brian Campbell at: (204)880-5505, email:, or go to:

The choice is yours

Enjoy reading quirky and often humourous tales of the world we live in, or take a journey into strange and mystical realms. The choice is yours. Out of My Mind is a book of more than 70 short stories on a variety of topics, from family related stories, to political…

Was reading more one of your 2024 resolutions?

Was reading more one of your 2024 resolutions?If so, I have a couple of recommendations. My first book, Out of My Mind is a book of more than 70 short stories on a variety of topics, from family related stories, to political satire, some spooky tales, some adventure stories, some…

Seasons Greetings, and all the best to everyone in 2024.

Seasons Greetings, and all the best to everyone in 2024, from Brian the Writer. R. Brian Campbell (204)880-5505, or