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The choice is yours

Enjoy reading quirky and often humourous tales of the world we live in, or take a journey into strange and mystical realms.

The choice is yours.

Out of My Mind is a book of more than 70 short stories on a variety of topics, from family related stories, to political satire, some spooky tales, some adventure stories, some humourous tales, and much, much more. It is sure to have something for everyone.

Out of This World contains tales mostly of science fiction and fantasy. Here there be dragons, ogres, elves, ghosts, vampires, aliens and much, much more. A sure favourite for those who enjoy tales that take them Out of This World.

You can find Out of My Mind at:
Out of This World at:…/dp/1777209021/ref=sr_1_2…
You can phone R. Brian Campbell at: (204)880-5505, email:, or go to: